Important Dates

This page will feature important dates relating to the lives of Sri Lakshmana Swamy and Mathru Sri Sarada, in addition to other dates/festivals/events accorded importance by them. Gregorian calendar dates are the regular annual dates (or in Indian terms, the "English Calendar" dates). The Hindu Calendar dates change from year to year depending on how the Hindu Calendar matches up with the Gregorian Calendar. Therefore, these date will be updated regularly.

Occasion Date
Sri Lakshmana Swamy Birthday December 25, 1925
Sri Lakshmana Swamy Self-realization Day October 1, 1949
Mathru Sri Sarada Birthday November 29, 1959
Mathru Sri Sarada Self-realization Day December 18, 1978
Sri Lakshmana Swamy Mahanirvanam Day February 27, 2021