Obtaining Darshan of Amma and Bhagavan

Amma and Bhagavan are not available for darshan (for a personal meeting or interview) to the general public. However, Amma primarily and Bhagavan very rarely do give darshan to earnest devotees. Earnest devotees are those who have a real thirst for spirituality and who do not already have a Guru and are therefore seeking a living Guru. Neither Amma nor Bhagavan are interested in meeting people who are merely guru-shopping or comparing Gurus. They view this as a waste of their and the seeker's time. Further, if a devotee already had the good fortune of coming in contact with and of obtaining the darshan of a self-realized Guru, and therefore has a special connection with and devotion to that Guru, both Amma and Bhagavan encourage the devotee to continue to be devoted to such a Guru, and not seek to switch Gurus.

Genuine seekers desiring the darshan of Amma and Bhagavan should first obtain permission to meditate at the gate of their residence in Tiruvannamalai. Such meditation is allowed only between 9 am and 10 am.  Seekers can come during that hour and obtain permission to meditate. They can also ask about leaving a letter for Amma at that time. Amma or Bhagavan may choose to give darshan to some of the devotees meditating at the gate. Amma and Bhagavan discourage seekers who desire their darshan from contacting other devotees for that purpose.