Bhagavan's Message on Samsara

(English Translation at the Bottom)

1. He from whom this world has been created, He because of whom this world is sustained, and dissolved, He who is the in-dweller of all, He is the Atma, He is the one who lives in the heart cave always. Him, without trying to know with a clear and pure mind introverted, if one instead, asking 'Where is God?', keeps roaming around the earth and sky, searching, then such a person would be one, who, forsaking the diamond present within the heart, instead, runs outside after the mother-of-pearl.

2. In the past, present and future, these pain giving worldly things of yours truly will not provide even one grain worth of happiness. Leaving desires, and leaving wants, ego and attachments to 'I and mine', the one who abides in the Atma, will know the Atma. The one, who, without forsaking desires, thinking that happiness is in them, roams about like a whirlwind, is no better than a donkey.

3. Devendra, the King of the Gods, broke mountains with the thunderbolt, his weapon. Similarly, the one, who, with the axe of wisdom, discriminates between the ever-present reality and the unreal objects, including the hood-raising and hissing snake like senses, will gain the peace- and prosperity-filled Atma. Only by the eradication of vasanas did Vasishta and other great rishis attain liberation.

4. Just as the knowledge of the rope, the underlying reality, is not revealed unless the imagined knowledge of the illusory serpent vanishes, so also the realization of the Self, the underlying reality, is not perceived unless the belief that the world is real is removed.