Bhagavan's 2011 Christmas Message

(Telugu followed by English)


Depending on one's tendencies from his previous lives one obtains intense dedication.

One will obtain the same intense dedication in this life as that possessed by him previously. The spiritual aspirant, in accordance with his intense dedication (Shraddha), will with steadfastness in his Atma, win over his senses and thus obtain Jnana.

Immediately after obtaining Jnana, one will obtain supreme bliss/peace.

The senses are greater than the body; greater than the senses is the mind; greater than the mind is the intellect. The Self, which imparts intelligence to the intellect, is greater than that intellect.

Thus, with a good mind introverting the intellect and thereby knowing the Atma, which imparts intelligence to the intellect, win over the hard-to-win-over-enemy - lust (Kama), Partha!

O! Krishna: The mind is restless, wonderful and possessing immense strength; obtaining control over it is almost impossible.

O! Arjuna: There is no doubt in stating that the mind is restless, wonderful, possessing immense strength and obtaining control over which is almost impossible. However, with the practice of Self-enquiry and dispassion one can introvert it.

By diverting the restless and unstable mind from those things towards which it hankers after, one should hold it steadfast in the Atma.

Little by little and with a courageous intellect, hold the mind steadfast in the Heart and thus stop from thinking about other things.