Pooja Kalpamu

The Ashtottaras (108 names) and other materials below are transliterations of the complete contents of the book in Telugu titled Pooja Kalpamu, published by Sri Lakshmana Asramam, Chillakur. They are meant for daily worship. Use the links below to also access PDF files containing, in Sanskrit and English, the materials on each page. To view the links in Sanskrit, please download the Sanskrit font: Sanskrit 2003

Slokas on Ganapathy Slokas on Guru

Other Slokas - I

Sarvesham Hrudaya Kuhara & Deham Mrunmaya


Sri Arunachala Shiva Ashtottara Sri Ramana Ashtottara Sri Lakshmana Swamy Ashtottara Mathru Sri Sarada Ashtottara

Other Slokas - II

Mula Manthramu - Na Karma Asatoma Purnamadam