Anger is very bad. It is the pure Ego, erupting like a volcano, uncontrolled, and rebellious. It is like poison, it infects every cell in your body. In order to overcome anger, you must be humble and patient. When someone makes you angry, you should picture that person as your Guru. When you see your Guru in that person, your heart will melt, and quickly your anger will be replaced with love and humility. When I was doing my sadhana, and someone made me angry, I would picture that person as being Bhagavan, and then all I would feel was love. My love for Bhagavan was so strong that I could never be angry with him. Once my anger had melted, I would apologize to that person for causing them to be angry. (The only time I would really get angry was with myself for not being a better devotee). You are all my children and when you feel pain, I also feel that pain. I want you to be happy, and to be happy towards others - then I am happy. You must be humble like the grass, and patient like the tree.

Amma (Deepam 2008)